38 years ago, it all began from an electronic appliance store at a street corner...

In the beginning, it was just mainly for the family, and then it evolved into servicing the neighborhood. Then transitioned into a factory by chance...and we began to produce our very first model lint remover.

Along with the fast expansion of the Taiwanese economy, so did our company. Our persistence in manufacturing good quality products resulted in us accumulating international customers and built the foundation of our export business. However, at the same time, we were also threatened by competitors choosing to produce lower grade products and illegal replicas.

With the fast growth of the international trading business, we took notice to the global trends and make adjustments to our ideas and steps. Not only staying true to our company policy of making high quality products, we also infused new life, new ideas and new future into our product lines."The power of design is to combine the vision of beauty and life, the meaning of limitless creativity is for the completion of a better life”. Because we have the passion for design, the insistence of making high quality products and the deep awareness for our environment, we combined the essence of the words "Living" & "Creation" and founded our brand "LIVION" = "Living” & “Creation”. “LIVION” is our brand's core concept. It is what we would like to express in the beauty of the “Creative Life”.

Through our 5 main product lines “Clothes Care”, “Cool Summer”, “House Clean”, “Health Beauty” and “Bright Life”, we have developed various electrical products such as our “lint remover”, “USB Desk Fan ”, “Mini Vacuum”, “Mini Massager” and “USB LED Lamp”, etc. Our goal is to instill the beauty of design into our lives; so it is not exclusive just for high level class. It is for everyone and can be used in our daily life. We will continue to develop more creative and practical products as well as making our product line more plentiful.

Through the trials of design ideas to product creation, we were able to improve our production process to reduce defects in products. Through materials sourcing, we insisted on using the best materials to maintain product quality. Through factory production, we economized materials and reduced waste. Through packaging, we learned to be environmentally conscience - with simple design and no over packaging. Through product quality control, we maintained our 100% QC policy and our responsibility for every single product that we made.

The reason behind our unwavering persistence for excellence through every step of the product development is for us to be able to offer you the best product lines. The reason we are able to come so far today is because of your continued support. We wish to share our efforts through all these years with everyone, and will keep continuing on with the "Taiwanese spirit”…


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